The world has been shaped by stories.

Ever since the cavemen started drawing on the walls, we have been passing on stories from one generation to the next.

Storytelling is an art form.

Every person feels a different way about stories and each one impacts us in individual ways.

There is no "one-size-fits-all" perfect formula to storytelling.

Instead, storytelling is its own art form with a million different ways to express stories.

That is the goal of this site: to give you ideas on how to tell the stories that matter to you.

Together, we'll go through different stories and why they worked and how you can use certain elements to tell your own stories in a different way.

I'll also share my own stories and tips I've used to navigate my career in writing so far. Along with sifting through my own brain, I'll be interviewing other storytellers to get their tips and advice.

We will be exploring all kinds of genres of storytelling, too. There is so much that can be learned from other areas that can help you with your own. For that reason, we'll be looking at movies, books, blogs, video games, journalism, documentaries, YouTube, and many other types of art to help us all learn.

We all have stories.

It's up to you to share them. I'm just here to help.