There's no easy way to start a blog for a new site.

There's a dream, and a vision for what I want to happen, and I want to just say, "This one is going to be fun. It's going to take some trial and error, but it will hopefully bring some kind of value to your life and I'm going to work really really really hard to make sure it does."

That's not the best way to start out a new website, but it's honest.

After years as a copywriter (a profession I still love, now that I've taken time off from it), it took years to remember that I got into writing to tell interesting stories.

Copywriting can be full of interesting stories, but it can be limiting as a medium since the number one goal is sales.

Storytelling is such an interesting area because it comes in many forms. Movies, blogs, books, TV shows, video games, short stories, YouTube, journalism, documentaries, and a ton of others.

There are so many different ways to tell stories, and I find them all fascinating.

The goal of this site is to explore them all.

It's not fully ready, it's not perfect, but it's a beginning. Plus, I've always felt that launching before you're ready is the best thing to do if you feel any kind of resistance.

Anyway, thank you to anyone reading this right now. I appreciate it and I hope that we have fun on this new journey together.