getting over writers block

The Fastest Learning Curve

The number one rule of any creative endeavor is that you will learn more from your failures than anything else.

This is where I've always struggled to help any creative with any advice because so much of it is just trial and error.

Even after investing probably too much money into a writing degree from a university, I still learned more through my own trial and error than I did in those classes.

The first blog I started made the second one easier.

The first published piece I wrote made the second one easier.

The first serious pitch for work (that was shot down) made the second one easier.

There's so much power behind just starting and writing that first horrible draft of anything.

Too many creatives get stuck here. Instead of just coming to terms with the fact that any first attempts will not come out well, they wait until it's going to come out "perfect".

Spoilers: There's no "perfect". Ever.

You'll only stop growing as a creative when you stop stepping outside of your comfort zone and continuing to fail at new things.

That's it for today. Short and to the point, but I mean it. Do something new today and fail at it. You'll learn more from that than from any book, video, or podcast.